Wednesday, February 26, 2014

U Wish U Wer Us Yo!

OMG LOVERS its ME, Alicia American Yay!
OMG I got a like mega-bizzery day 2day so my idot sis Deb is guna like
do tha like tweeter 4 me yo. B nice 2 her, she has a like small brane yo LOL!

OMG so we hav a like badass like photo series B-low about this like totelly magical thing in NYC,
but FIRST I wana show u my new fave thing in tha world yo!
Fan art of MOI by Nina a/k/a Misery Fox Yay!
She's tha badass chik who startered my like facebook celebrity page yo OMG!
!!!!!!!OMG TYSM Nina OMG!!!!!!
 OMG lookit theirs Deb with tha magical mistycal
"Oroboros of Petco"
(or @ leest thats wat me & Deb call it LOL!)
Its tha cymbal of renewel--
NYC alwheys dyes & coms back NEW
cuz NYC is tha most badass place EVAR yo OMG!
This thing is like BIG yo OMG!
 Hears tha like MAGICAL part tho:
Tha tip of tha snake's tale loox just like that like BILDING
ovar their yo OMG!
That's sum serius Scott Wolter crap rite THEIR yo OMG!
OMG this statue like makes scents only in this 1 spot on tha HOLE PLANIT.
4 (a lil bit of) more imfo go 2:
OMG Thanx agen Nina!!!!!
B Nice 2 Deb 2day evry1

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