Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happity Sunday Aftr Christmas yo OMG

Abuv: Us comin back frm church yo!
OMG we hope u had a badass Christmas yo OMG!
Don't 4get we hav our 9-song Christmas EP FREE @ til New Yrs Day ONLY!
Hav u lissind 2 our amazering Christmas intervu withLYDIA CORNELL yet?
How bout our fasten8ing intervu with tha hed writerer ofCourage tha Cowherdly Dog yo?
OMG U shuld catch up on our podcasts during ur holiday brake yo OMG LOL!
We'll hav a HAPPITY NEW YR podcast on Jan 1st so C U than

Sunday, December 15, 2013


OMG Is this PROOF of BIGFOOT in NYC???
Considaring that theirs only 1 feetprint, U gotta figure his stride must B like PRITTY LONG YO!
My best gesstim8 rite now is that he's probly like
 Abuv: Close up of feetprint
 Abuv: That same feetprint agen
 ABUV: Now this part is dubble-extra mocha shockering yo!
Furthar down tha SAME BLOCK, just as we was axing each othar "Wear culd Bigfoot like LIVE around hear?" we spotted this like OTHAR Bigfoot feetprint OMG!
But tha most shockering fact of ALL????
 OMG That feetprint leeds str8 2 a like BORDED UP ABANDUNT BILDING OMG!
OMG How culd Bigfoot get past tha like woodan chaned-up door yo?
All we can figure is that he musta used his like ALIAN POWARS & like u know mind-melded rite thru tha doorwhey yo Hooray!
OMG we luv u Bigfoot!
Injoy ur stay in NYC! XOXOXOXOXOXO

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Day in NYC yo omg

We keep tryina take pix in tha snow but than it turns rainery or wen it loox snowery, it duznt come out in tha pix yo! OMG we'll like keep tryin tho LOL #SnowDay