Sunday, July 28, 2013

OMG Happy Sunday yo! XOXOXO

OMG Happy Sunday evry1 Yay!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013

Watarmelon Diet yo

Clik 2 Embiggan

OMG We pickd out a like WATARMELON yo-
thats guna B brekky, lunch, & dinnar til this like HEET WAVE is ovar yo OMG!!!!!!!
Yes Im waring saten shorts! So wat? Its like laundry day yo!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Clik any pic 2 enrage
So we wer like on tha Uppar West Side of Munny-Makin Manhattin, arguing ovar wear tha only BEERD PAPA in NYC is like loc8ed yo!
OMG We lissind 2 Frank Nora talkin bout it & we wanted 2 go yo BADASS!
Oh BTW that big bldg in tha bg of tha abuv pic is tha giant bank that our managar is alwys saying tha L8 John "Mothman" Keel took him 2 & like lecturd him about! #SPOOKERY
OMG so we found it on like 76th or 77th or 75th or sumthing on Bway & than WAMM I reelized that creem puffs R like ALL GLUTAN yo! & as evry1 knows, Im like rollin glutan-free yo! So we like only got 1 & I like yelld @ Deb 2 eat it Yay!
She was feelin kinda self-unconshus tho cuz Beerd Papa hisself like KEPT STARING AT HER THA HOLE TIME YO #FREAKERY

Their she is B4 Biterizing.
OMG Deb took a BIG BIG bite & u can C tha pritty fillering AWWW!
Tha speshal on 2sdays is VERY BERRY so if u go their 2day, u can get 1 2 Yay!
She sed it was delish but that was all Deb wuld hav becuz like she's a modal so Im like not evan guna get in2 it LOL.
By 4 now from (L-R) Beerd Papa, MOI & my idiot sistar Deb Yay!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

OMG Happy Sunday yo!

OMG Hear I M warning Deb about tha like gr8ing on tha sidewalk yo
OMG thoze thingz R murdar on healz yo LOL
This wk our Pastor is switching 2 glutan-free rice bred pattys Yay!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Workout Wepisode on Munday

 OMG Lovers I dont know wen this will B on tha teevee in NYC but it will be on tha INTERWEBZ as of MUNDAY on tha all-new (by than) 209Show dot com yo! 
This wepisode has Lucy deLeche workin out, & its got like 
 Tha Moon is a Disco Ball standin outside a haus warin wigs and its like got
Tha Moon is a Disco Ball doin... ummm... doin THIS and its got

Lucy workin out yo.

But not 2day, Munday.

4 2day we got a NEW PODCAST intervuing MARY SARAH yo OMG Chekitout!!