Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happity Sunday Aftr Christmas yo OMG

Abuv: Us comin back frm church yo!
OMG we hope u had a badass Christmas yo OMG!
Don't 4get we hav our 9-song Christmas EP FREE @ til New Yrs Day ONLY!
Hav u lissind 2 our amazering Christmas intervu withLYDIA CORNELL yet?
How bout our fasten8ing intervu with tha hed writerer ofCourage tha Cowherdly Dog yo?
OMG U shuld catch up on our podcasts during ur holiday brake yo OMG LOL!
We'll hav a HAPPITY NEW YR podcast on Jan 1st so C U than

Sunday, December 15, 2013


OMG Is this PROOF of BIGFOOT in NYC???
Considaring that theirs only 1 feetprint, U gotta figure his stride must B like PRITTY LONG YO!
My best gesstim8 rite now is that he's probly like
 Abuv: Close up of feetprint
 Abuv: That same feetprint agen
 ABUV: Now this part is dubble-extra mocha shockering yo!
Furthar down tha SAME BLOCK, just as we was axing each othar "Wear culd Bigfoot like LIVE around hear?" we spotted this like OTHAR Bigfoot feetprint OMG!
But tha most shockering fact of ALL????
 OMG That feetprint leeds str8 2 a like BORDED UP ABANDUNT BILDING OMG!
OMG How culd Bigfoot get past tha like woodan chaned-up door yo?
All we can figure is that he musta used his like ALIAN POWARS & like u know mind-melded rite thru tha doorwhey yo Hooray!
OMG we luv u Bigfoot!
Injoy ur stay in NYC! XOXOXOXOXOXO

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Day in NYC yo omg

We keep tryina take pix in tha snow but than it turns rainery or wen it loox snowery, it duznt come out in tha pix yo! OMG we'll like keep tryin tho LOL #SnowDay

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Butiful Sunrize in NYC Yay!

It was a butiful sunrize in NYC this AM yo OMG Yay!
Me & Deb took tha mrning 2 ourselfs & walkd around Manhatten freezering 2gethar #FUN

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Hallawean 2013 OMG Yay!

OMG so we went 2 theze partys last nite?
But like I went as Deb & Deb went as MOI yo!
Chekit out! Thay had tha like ESB in orenge 4 Hallawean AWWW!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

OMG My WFMU stickerers OMG yo!!

OMG Chekitout yo OMG!
I got rewarded my own WFMU stickerers 2day wilst shooting
my next Mayor vid OMG Yay!
OMG lookit, thay got a BANANA STICKERER
in honor of Lou Reed dying awww! #SoSad
I got theze stickerers cuz we don8ed 2 tha Kurt Gottschalk show on WFMU Yay!

Yay Happity Sunday Yay!

OMG Lovers Happity Sunday!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Redixcoverd Howerd tha Duck innervu frm 1976 OMG!

OMG LOVERS! Im like NOT tha 1st cartune charactar 2 run 4 offise-- NO WHEY! Lookit this badass old innervu I found from 1976 wen tha reel originel Howerd tha Duck ran 4 Prezadent Yay! NOTE: HTD is copyrite Marble Comiks ect ect blah blah

THE SKEPTICAL COMIXFAN Issue #15, May 1976 issue, mimeographed/stapled

Interview with Presidential Candidate Howard the Duck
by Litta Rall

It's only May, yet everyone is already talking about the upcoming election. Will America ask for four more years of, well four ADDITIONAL years of Gerald Ford? Or will the Democrats reverse their recent downward trend and present the electorate with a genuine alternative? Suddenly in the midst of this milieu arises a new candidate who calls himself Howard the Duck. What makes Howard different from Mr. Ford and the Democrats is that he admits he is a cartoon character. We sent Mr. The Duck a list of questions in the mail care of Marvel Comics, and got the (typed) replies printed below 15 days later in the self-addressed stamped envelope we enclosed.

Without further ado, here is The Skeptical Comixfan's EXCLUSIVE interview with Presidentialcandidate Howard the Duck.

Mr. The Duck, who are you REALLY?

I'm Howard. I'm a duck from outer space.


Are you Val Mayerik? Is Val Mayerik a girl or a guy? If she's a girl, is she hot?


I'm not a person, I'm a cartoon character.

Are you Steve Gerber the writer? If you are, can you get me Stan Lee's autograph?


?? I'm a cartoon character. I'm running for President in the media to raise awareness of my comic book.


Your campaign button was drawn by the famous cartoonist Berni Wrightson.
Are you really Bernie Wrightson?



By allowing Berni Wrightson to sign his drawing of you, you're putting his name on your campaign button. Is this a sly way of letting us know you're really Berni Wrightson?


This is the second Berni Wrightson question I have no answer for.


Don't you think it's misleading to put Berni Wrightson's name on your campaign button?
If you get elected and Berni Wrightson doesn't become President, don't you think people will freak out?

(No response)

It really freaks me out that you led us all to believe that you're either Berni Wrightson or that hot chick Val Mayerik when you're probably not either one. Are you doing this for some creepy sexually perverted reason?


No, I'm doing it to impress Val so she'll date me.

Speaking of hot chicks, you date that cute redhead Beverly in your comic book.
Who is she REALLY?

(No response)

We asked 29 more questions, but these were the only answers received.
WHY would a Presidential candidate hold back so much when being asked such straightforward questions? WHAT does Mr. The Duck have to hide?
I know I,for one, will NOT be voting for "him," as who knows if it's even a "him" after all?
I thought male ducks were DARK with rings around their neck.
As a serious journalist, the whole entire thing makes me feel incredibly uneasy.
When going to the polls in November, we don't ask that you vote for any particular candidate, but we DO ask that you PLEASE vote for a human being.

Thank you and have a skeptical day.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tha Lite of tha World yo

"The Truth is the Light
The Light is the Way
The less folks know
The more they have to say"
"I light a candle & I Pray the Lord will bless you"
evan thoze of u who like didnt sneaze Yay! XOXOXO

Thursday, September 26, 2013

OMG Lovers my new George W Bush Style Podium Yay

OMG Lovers Im like SUPAR-Bizzy 2day rehersing my next IMPORTINT SPEECH yo!
OMG This time I'll B talkering about like how badass
Kurt Gottschalk is yo OMG!
I'm like going on his WFMU radio show on Rocktober 11th
& OMG lovers U get 2 DSide wich of our songs Mr. G will play Yay!
Just go HEAR 2 Vote: Yay!
Poles cloze Oct 1st so watevars winning by than wins Yay!

Spshl Thanx 2 Mcasual Jacques 4 findering this podium 4 me OMG TYSM!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pencilveinia Pix OMG

 OMG Its badass out hear @ Dino's like cntry est8 yo OMG!
 Thats Dino-- he's our theramin playah & tha star of LAUGHING SKY yo
 About a sec aftar I took this pic, it got like RILLY FUNNY yo LOL
 OMG Dino took us 2 tha St8 Capitol so we culd like teech tha local polticos a thing or 2 #BADASS
OMG Fair well Harrisburg! OMG We luv u Harrisburg! XOXOXO


Monday, September 9, 2013

OMG Deb's Trip 2 a PA Glutan Factory Yay!

 OMG Our theramin playah Dino took my sis 2 a like GLUTAN FACTORY yo!
OMG This is tha like ORIGINEL PLASE thay make L8Y FINGARS OMG
 OMG Like em on Failbook yo!
 OMG That wuld all take Deb like HOURS 2 barf back up yo #BADASS

Dino takes me 2 a place that is not wear we R pointering Yay

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


LOL I snappd this pic wile Deb was workering on sum Frankinhookar-theemd muzic vid or commershel or sumthing LOLLOL Shes not tryina make me stop taking tha pic cuz her makeup loox stoopit, she just didnt want me 2 show u peeps in tha pubic wear her like DRESSING ROOM was or sumthing LOL omg she thinx shes a big star alredy LOL & peeps say I hav a ego LOL 

Sunday, September 1, 2013


 OMG 1st we went 2 church than weR guna go danse in tha rain @ Electric Zoo L8R 2day!
"Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy."~~Matthew 5:7

EDIT UPD8 Electric Zoo is clozed 4 2day becuz of 2 meny ovardoses booo!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Yankeys Stadium OMG!

2C in 3D, X ur I's lover!

OMG LOVERS Lookit wear WE went-- Yankeys Stadium yo OMG!

OMG lookit me Im like, "Hello Im tha Postar Child 4 Jet Lag yo"
OMG frm now on mo more photo ops till 4 dayz aftar jet lag yo srsly
This like buoy was buggin me 4 2 days 2 go 2 Yankeys Stadium w/him 2 boo 4 A-Rod u know? So finelly I sed OK if Deb can go w/her L8est guy Yay!
It was a fun game yo -- Tha Yankeys wer playing there cute Canadien bfs tha Bleu Jays!
A-Rod striked out THREE TIMES & than 2 TOP it, he hit this ball
that got tha Blue Jays got so xsighted thay all playd catch w/each othar.
Sum1 sitting neerby sed that was like striking out 2 X @ 1ce & evry1 booed 4 A-Rod 
lots more Yay! OMG @ tha end of tha game, sum dude scored a tuchdown so tha othar buoys all like ripped his shirt off, THAT is how like arouzed his tuchdown got them yo OMG!!

ABUV: A-Rod uzes tha anciant Vulcan "Fracture Ur Left Rist 2moro" grip on tha winnar
Aftar tha game, tha winnar shirt ripped guy was getting intervued by a dappar man in a suit 
& 1 of his bfs got so jelly that he mite go off w/tha guy in tha suit that he gave him a like COLD SHOWAR of g8oraid 2 like cool him down yo LOL!

OMG it turns out its a lot of fun 2 watch dudes in tite pants play games 2gethar Yay!
Lookit-- Wite Cassle Style Sliders only $11!
2 bad Im rollin glutan-free yo! 

Only $1.50 per banana TYSM Steinbruthars! XOXO
2C in 3D, X ur I's yo! Til tha images ovarlap, u know?
Deb's seets wer whey upstares so she maid tha dude who invighted me in tha 1st place go sit upstares & me & deb watchd from tha good seets Yay!
PLUS we got 2C Marinara Rivero throw balls @ tha squatty man & we got 2C Ichiro Sukuzi slide in dirt!
OMG Wat a like NITE yo OMG!
Yankeys Stadium-- we reccamend it hi-ly Yay!