Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Yankeys Stadium OMG!

2C in 3D, X ur I's lover!

OMG LOVERS Lookit wear WE went-- Yankeys Stadium yo OMG!

OMG lookit me Im like, "Hello Im tha Postar Child 4 Jet Lag yo"
OMG frm now on mo more photo ops till 4 dayz aftar jet lag yo srsly
This like buoy was buggin me 4 2 days 2 go 2 Yankeys Stadium w/him 2 boo 4 A-Rod u know? So finelly I sed OK if Deb can go w/her L8est guy Yay!
It was a fun game yo -- Tha Yankeys wer playing there cute Canadien bfs tha Bleu Jays!
A-Rod striked out THREE TIMES & than 2 TOP it, he hit this ball
that got tha Blue Jays got so xsighted thay all playd catch w/each othar.
Sum1 sitting neerby sed that was like striking out 2 X @ 1ce & evry1 booed 4 A-Rod 
lots more Yay! OMG @ tha end of tha game, sum dude scored a tuchdown so tha othar buoys all like ripped his shirt off, THAT is how like arouzed his tuchdown got them yo OMG!!

ABUV: A-Rod uzes tha anciant Vulcan "Fracture Ur Left Rist 2moro" grip on tha winnar
Aftar tha game, tha winnar shirt ripped guy was getting intervued by a dappar man in a suit 
& 1 of his bfs got so jelly that he mite go off w/tha guy in tha suit that he gave him a like COLD SHOWAR of g8oraid 2 like cool him down yo LOL!

OMG it turns out its a lot of fun 2 watch dudes in tite pants play games 2gethar Yay!
Lookit-- Wite Cassle Style Sliders only $11!
2 bad Im rollin glutan-free yo! 

Only $1.50 per banana TYSM Steinbruthars! XOXO
2C in 3D, X ur I's yo! Til tha images ovarlap, u know?
Deb's seets wer whey upstares so she maid tha dude who invighted me in tha 1st place go sit upstares & me & deb watchd from tha good seets Yay!
PLUS we got 2C Marinara Rivero throw balls @ tha squatty man & we got 2C Ichiro Sukuzi slide in dirt!
OMG Wat a like NITE yo OMG!
Yankeys Stadium-- we reccamend it hi-ly Yay!

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