Monday, September 15, 2014

Chillery Day Debbie Pinups

 OMG LOVERS! I takeded Deb out 2 take sum like modest pinup pix of her cuz sum of u R like totelly in2 modest pinups of Deb so like I was takering her out 2 take pix 4 u Yay!
Butt like OMG it was like c-c-c-c-c-c-COLD on Satrdy yo OMG brrrrrr!
 OMG so than we sore these sines about cars getting toweded?
& Deb was like, "WHO wuld like giv tha ordar to like tow CARS yo?
OMG who like RILLY is callerig tha shots around hear yo?"
So I was like, "Well readerize tha like orenge SINE, u DOLT!
It shuld like TELL u tha compeny's like NAME yo!"
So she like DID and--
OMG YO!!! Now we like TRULERY know who is callering tha shots yo!

Happity Mundy Evry1!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Guardian Galaxiona Talking Tree Revu

My revu of the new Guarding tha Galaxy movie by me Debbie American Hooray!
 OMG so we like went 2C tha new Marvel Comix cartune about tha talkering tree & tha talkering squirrel from space? 
 It was like in 3D so we almost didant find our seets yo OMG thay shuld tell u wen 2 put tha glasses on yo #CONFUZING.
The movie was OK but tha Talkering Tree is like SO SWEET yo awww!
OMG I wuld totelly D8 him if he axeded me AWWW!
On tha way out we sore that theirs guna B a new FENIMIST Ape movie yo!
This 1 is about a like GIRL monkee nameded DAWN yo #GIRLPOWAH #BADASS

& that is my revu of Guards of Galactica Hooray!

Monday, June 16, 2014

OMG tha Shirley Temple Miracle OMG

OMG its like ME Debbie American Hooray!
OMG if ur like me u just spendeded tha like GR8erest Daddys Day EVAR with ur Dad!
OMG its a tradition in my fam that evry yr on Dads Day I do my rendition of tha Gr8 Shirley Temple's famus song, "On tha Gud Ship Lollipop."
Or else I do "Im a Lil T-Pot," but anyhow this yr I did tha Lollipop song rite? OK.
So like Alicia makes fun of me that I like study Shirley Temple & stuff & evrything & she was like sayering meen stuff in front of our Daddys about me like usual but than OMG!
OMG theirs this like xbibit on tha streat @ FIT?
It equ8s Frank Sinatra w/Steve Jobs & tha astronauts!
Now of coarse theirs nuthing strange w/peeping Frank Sinatra compaired with Geniouses,
or Janis Joplin or tha othars. But OMG LOOKIT YO!
In tha corner w/tha badass Lollipop yo OMG its like HER yo!
My 2nd fave actoress of ALL TIMES aftr Lydia Cornell!

Shirley was a cymbal of hope! Im a cymbal of hope 2 yo Hooray!
Shirley helpded peeps suffering w/depression, & I know LOTS of depresst peeps Hooray!
OMG Im like just like Shirley Temple yo!
Tha samimihilarities R like ENDLESS yo!
OMG Take my picture with Shirley Temple yo Hooray! 

 So wen I act like Shirley Temple 2B xtra cute, Im like NOT actoring like a BABY like Lee sez!
Im actoring like a GENIOUS like Steve Jobs Hooray!
If tha Fashion Instatute of Technocracy sez so, than u KNOW it must B...
Well, it must B fashionebable 2 say it Hooray!


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Marble Collegi8 Church

OMG LOVERS We hope u had a GR8 Armed 4ces Day ystrdy Yay!
OMG LOVERS 2day we R vizitoring
on 29th & Fifth yo!
OMG it has a megalong histrory & it was a church uzed by Norman Vincent Peale 2 put 4th his like "Pozitive Thinkering" ideas wich R still so populer 2day Yay!
NEXT wk me & Deb R guna B going 2 church in BOSTON cuz we R guna B @ tha like
POP CULTURE EXPO on May 24th & 25th yo OMG Yay!
4 more imfo: #MegaBadass

Monday, May 12, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


It's sunnery 2day but OMG ystrdy it was like
So me & Deb taked this pic abuv of us actoring all SPOOKERY yo
Hope we didnt sceer u 2 munch LOL!
OMG Happity Wenzday Yay!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Let Us In, Mister or Mizz Show Biz!

OMG Lovers its ME Alicia American,
hear in sunnery Jamaica wear its bin rainering Yay!
OMG 1st of all DONT beleev ANYTHING Deb sed about me
in ystrdy's podcast, xpeshally U Bob C-Port omg.
I like did NOT hav a romantic intanglemint with a like
PASTRY CHEF & anywhey his after-shave got
ovar-baring aftr tha 1st few hours so WHATEVS.
Dont evar lissin 2 Deb's storys about me, thay R fantasys.
ONLY lissin 2 her storys about like I dunno unicorns.
Butt anywhey 2day I found this pic that our mamanagarer Peter in NYC took of us a wile back
& I was like, "LOL that's me & Deb bangering on tha like
door 2 show biz sayering LET US IN YO LOL Yay!"
LOL & like standering in 4 Show Biz is tha like Rachael Rays Show LOL #BADASS
OMG we look so c-c-c-c-c-COLD in that picture lovers OMG
it's like in tha 80s hear during tha day so like not
MEGA hot just like NICE hot yo.
So like my badass rich lawyer bf is hear now & hes guna take me in2 town so he can try 2 talk pour peeps in2 excepting his lowar bids 4 there sooveneer items Yay!
Deb is spozed 2 do tha tweeter butt its Satruday so I wuldnt expector8 munch LOL

Monday, March 24, 2014

OMG lovers me @ my new boringest day job yo ucchh

 Reed my new #tcot blog HEAR lovers! 

OMG Thay werent spozed 2 run that LAST panel yo!
OMG this is spozed 2 end after tha 3rd pic!
Uccchh its like SO HARD findering gud help theze days yo OMG uccchhh.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Church Pic & Happity St Paddys Day yo!

OMG Happity St Paddys Day yo OMG!
Our Sundy Comix will return Next Wk
but we've gottan lotsa complaits that peeps miss tha Church Pix
so hears a new 1 Yay!
OMG Happity Sunday Evry1!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


OMG LOVERS we played hockey frm work ystrdy & we went like
all around town yo cuz it was rilly WARM OUT OMG!
1 of tha places we went 2 was tha Ultra-Spookery SCARYOKE
in Times Square yo!
Chekitout, this is wat happand (comics B-low)


Sunday, March 9, 2014

OMG LOVERS! Tha horror tha horror

This was my day on like Friday or whatevar yo OMG.
Than ystrdy me & Lucy got 40 thouzend vues on fb
w/our new like bikini pix yo.
But like 2moro I gotta go like work in a stupit like OFFICE
insted of workering on my like ROK STAR DREEMZ.
It just only makes me dubble ultra xtra movit8ed 2 suxeed tho yo!
We luv u all!