Thursday, February 27, 2014

Debbie American vs. Muhammad Ali

Now HEARS a fite that Deb culd like NOT win yo OMG!

Sorta makes me umhappy 2C Ali's feats chained up like that,
evan if he IS belting my sis acrossed 14th Street yo OMG!

OMG Lovers Im like supar mega bizzy 2day but I got my dubble mega badass homegirl PATT 2 like filler in 4 me on tha Tweeter 2day yo!
It's a like conservative shouout day so like if ur Liberal,
we'll CU 2moro 4 our ULTRA triple badasserest #FollowFriday yo OMG!
2moro we got a ACTUL RECORDERING of MOI in a like MEATING with a like BIG TV executory L8Y frm YSTRDY yo OMG!!
U'll get 2 here like tha ACTUL PITCH I gave in their yo OMG BADASS
That will all B @ 2moro yo OMG Yay!

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