Tuesday, February 4, 2014

OMG Snow Day Pix OMG

OMG my sis Deb luvs tha snow cuz she duznt haf2 like SHUVEL it LOL
 OMG Lovers it was like so snowery ystrdy OMG yo srsly!
I like TOTELLY steppeded in this like puddle yo (not shown hear)!
In NYC it can look like ur steppin on sum like slushy snow but than like
wen u actully STEP in2 it? Like its a like foot-deep puddle of iced watar yo!
OMG I think tha Rampler did a wepisode about this, its 1 of tha like only bad things about NYC yo.
So like we wer like GUNA take more pix but those bootys R apparintly like NOT watar-prooft ucch!
So like we hedded back 2 my place & I maid Deb massadge my like frostbitey toes 4 2 hole hrs yo!
It left a impression on both of us yo! OMG Watar proofering is a priorety frm now on 4 both of us Yay! 

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