Sunday, February 2, 2014

Supar Bowel Alley or whatevs

OMG So me & Deb went 2C tha Puppity Bowl Live in Times Sq but un4tun8ly it was like SOULED OUT & like tha abuv is as far as we got Boo! :(
So we went outside & their wer all theze like GIANT TEMPARERRY BLDNGS
all bilt in the middle of tha streat, all like 3 or 5 storys tall OMG LOL!
 OMG thay evan had this like 27 story tall taboggan slide yo LOL OMG
OMG Thay had a fake snow makering machene @ tha bottem of tha taboggan thing & Deb like fell in luv with it yo LOL! Now she wants a fake snow makering machene 4 her like loft in Crooklyn LOL LOL!
 Now hear R sum REEL heros-- NYC Firedudes yo! #BADASS
 OMG CAMRAS! Hello camras! I like luv u camras! XOXOXOXO
 OMG tha best thing about all this is that tha NFL was 4ced 2 put up there own STREAT SIGNS sinse as I've conplaned meny times, we hardly hav any streat signs LEFT in NYC yo ucch!
If tha orgenizars of this was SMRT thay wulda maid part of tha deel that tha NFL byes NYC a buncha new streat signs yo srsly OMG 4 reelz
 OMG so Deb found tha CNN makeup tent & got like all xsightered.
 Hear she is watching sum1 get maid up 4 CNN.
Y is this intrerestering 2 her?
She puts on make up evry day yo <:(
 OMG Pepci Cola is trying 2 talk like me & Deb so that peeps think there badass yo LOL
 Sciantists say standing 2 close 2 giant TV bars can B bad 4 ur I's yo OMG!!!

All tha cops stayd on 1 block by tha Police Station.
Hay u gotta stik 2gethar-- its DANGERUS out their yo OMG!!
 This is 4 Bob C-Port on tha tweeter.
I almost felll off this thing, so I hope ur happity with this Bob!
No whey MI gettin back up on that OMG

 Happity Supar Bowel Sundy Evry1!
& if u dont like feetsball, than chek out my badass

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