Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Giant Ice Cream, Bob Casale Mourned

ABUV: U can tell ur like in Cartoon Reality wen you find giant ice creem sodas on tha like SIDEWALK yo OMG! That's Y me & Deb like carry GIANT STRAWS with us yo LOL!

Email from Alicia American to Peter Bernard, cc: Patt Riot, Wednesday, February 19th, 2014, 9:31 am:


So like weR hear in Cartoon Land as U can C frum like tha pix we R inclosing.
Pls uze tha ice creem 1 1st & pls hav those like COMIX reddy by Friday TYSM xoxo

Me & Deb R like totelly BUMMD by Bob 2 from DEVO dying.
Our LEEST-FAVE thing about humens is wen u guys go ahed & like DYE yo.
Its like SO RUDE.
Don't u know how munch peeps like LUV u?
Us cartunes dont like age or dye, its like FAR more cilivized!
Well, x-sept 4 those like nut jobs ovar in like Gasoleen Ally yo LOL.
2 say that DEVO is a big influenza on me & Deb is 2 like undart8 tha case.
Tha FAX of tha mattar R this:
Lots of peeps imit8 Those American Girls but Those American Girls imit8 DEVO.
Each membr of DEVO is/was a rilly speshal artist, a reel stylist & innov8or.
Thay alwys hid B-hind comady & made themselfs look tha same & downplayd how talanted thay wer but 2 othar musicalicians, thay wer/stil R a huge like GUIDING LITE.
But not like tha like SOAP OPARA yo LOL!
We luv u Bob 2! We hope ur in Heven now unless u wer a atheist in wich case--
no, let's just leeve it at "We hope ur in Heven now"
TY 4 all ur amazering work-- not just on DEVO but 4 TV & West Andersen movies ect.
Gud nite, Bob 2, we will luv u 4evar <3

OMG pls tell Sheila AJ on tha tweeter that altho its snowery hear 2, tha Cartoon Mayor has d-clared that startering 2moro, all Cartoon charactars can legally ware there like summar cloze LOL. D-pending on if tha script calls 4 it, u undarstand #Cartoon Rules

OMG Pls tell DLueking that me & Deb say "HAPPITY WENZDAY, PUPPITY!" Than tell him we like give him like smoochez all ovar his hed yo LOL

OMG its Hauntery Humpday back in NYC rite? OMG tell Bigfoot__ & Tha Helmey & MQ Twiry & Ghost Hunterer Walt that we say, "AAAHH! LOOKIT B-HIND U! A gh-gh-gh-gh-GHOST!!"
Than tell em we wer just jokering LOL!

Tell Speedkid in Englend that he's not aloud 2 like Lucy more then he likes me. >:(

Tell Corprel Soletrain me & Deb say "Semper Fi" xoxo

Dont 4get 2 tell Metal Tyrent Blud Oath we sed "ROK ON MUCKA FUTHA XOXO!"

Oh-- tell Casual Meyhem that Patt will do a #tcot day Thurzday & she'll like run his 2sday column on Thurz Yay!

Tell Turner Tasha I dreemed her name was rilly like Tasha Turner yo! #DreemsRWeerd

Tell Dillon Frankenstine that we luv him & hope he stays out of Drunkan Donuts LOL

Tell Jeff Floro we luv him & axe him if he wants 2 play on any of our new songs yo.

Tell Ted Egger sumthing 2 confuze him (this will not B hard).

OK more pix 2moro-- I want @ leest 1 pic per day on tha tweeter-- evan Thurzdys & wknds yo! We can chek humen tweeter each nite @ midnite so tell evry1 we luv them & hav like LOTS of megabadass news coming up VRY VRY SOON OMG YAY!

Deb sez she luvs u all but I was GUNNA say that B4 she sed it, so rilly, she's like copying me yo!

Alicia (+ Deb)

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  1. Awww! Hope you girls are having fun! Hard to believe about Bob Casale he was one of the ones who ushered in geek chic! He will be missed. Take care ladies!