Friday, August 8, 2014

Guardian Galaxiona Talking Tree Revu

My revu of the new Guarding tha Galaxy movie by me Debbie American Hooray!
 OMG so we like went 2C tha new Marvel Comix cartune about tha talkering tree & tha talkering squirrel from space? 
 It was like in 3D so we almost didant find our seets yo OMG thay shuld tell u wen 2 put tha glasses on yo #CONFUZING.
The movie was OK but tha Talkering Tree is like SO SWEET yo awww!
OMG I wuld totelly D8 him if he axeded me AWWW!
On tha way out we sore that theirs guna B a new FENIMIST Ape movie yo!
This 1 is about a like GIRL monkee nameded DAWN yo #GIRLPOWAH #BADASS

& that is my revu of Guards of Galactica Hooray!

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