Monday, June 16, 2014

OMG tha Shirley Temple Miracle OMG

OMG its like ME Debbie American Hooray!
OMG if ur like me u just spendeded tha like GR8erest Daddys Day EVAR with ur Dad!
OMG its a tradition in my fam that evry yr on Dads Day I do my rendition of tha Gr8 Shirley Temple's famus song, "On tha Gud Ship Lollipop."
Or else I do "Im a Lil T-Pot," but anyhow this yr I did tha Lollipop song rite? OK.
So like Alicia makes fun of me that I like study Shirley Temple & stuff & evrything & she was like sayering meen stuff in front of our Daddys about me like usual but than OMG!
OMG theirs this like xbibit on tha streat @ FIT?
It equ8s Frank Sinatra w/Steve Jobs & tha astronauts!
Now of coarse theirs nuthing strange w/peeping Frank Sinatra compaired with Geniouses,
or Janis Joplin or tha othars. But OMG LOOKIT YO!
In tha corner w/tha badass Lollipop yo OMG its like HER yo!
My 2nd fave actoress of ALL TIMES aftr Lydia Cornell!

Shirley was a cymbal of hope! Im a cymbal of hope 2 yo Hooray!
Shirley helpded peeps suffering w/depression, & I know LOTS of depresst peeps Hooray!
OMG Im like just like Shirley Temple yo!
Tha samimihilarities R like ENDLESS yo!
OMG Take my picture with Shirley Temple yo Hooray! 

 So wen I act like Shirley Temple 2B xtra cute, Im like NOT actoring like a BABY like Lee sez!
Im actoring like a GENIOUS like Steve Jobs Hooray!
If tha Fashion Instatute of Technocracy sez so, than u KNOW it must B...
Well, it must B fashionebable 2 say it Hooray!


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