Monday, September 15, 2014

Chillery Day Debbie Pinups

 OMG LOVERS! I takeded Deb out 2 take sum like modest pinup pix of her cuz sum of u R like totelly in2 modest pinups of Deb so like I was takering her out 2 take pix 4 u Yay!
Butt like OMG it was like c-c-c-c-c-c-COLD on Satrdy yo OMG brrrrrr!
 OMG so than we sore these sines about cars getting toweded?
& Deb was like, "WHO wuld like giv tha ordar to like tow CARS yo?
OMG who like RILLY is callerig tha shots around hear yo?"
So I was like, "Well readerize tha like orenge SINE, u DOLT!
It shuld like TELL u tha compeny's like NAME yo!"
So she like DID and--
OMG YO!!! Now we like TRULERY know who is callering tha shots yo!

Happity Mundy Evry1!

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