Saturday, April 5, 2014

Let Us In, Mister or Mizz Show Biz!

OMG Lovers its ME Alicia American,
hear in sunnery Jamaica wear its bin rainering Yay!
OMG 1st of all DONT beleev ANYTHING Deb sed about me
in ystrdy's podcast, xpeshally U Bob C-Port omg.
I like did NOT hav a romantic intanglemint with a like
PASTRY CHEF & anywhey his after-shave got
ovar-baring aftr tha 1st few hours so WHATEVS.
Dont evar lissin 2 Deb's storys about me, thay R fantasys.
ONLY lissin 2 her storys about like I dunno unicorns.
Butt anywhey 2day I found this pic that our mamanagarer Peter in NYC took of us a wile back
& I was like, "LOL that's me & Deb bangering on tha like
door 2 show biz sayering LET US IN YO LOL Yay!"
LOL & like standering in 4 Show Biz is tha like Rachael Rays Show LOL #BADASS
OMG we look so c-c-c-c-c-COLD in that picture lovers OMG
it's like in tha 80s hear during tha day so like not
MEGA hot just like NICE hot yo.
So like my badass rich lawyer bf is hear now & hes guna take me in2 town so he can try 2 talk pour peeps in2 excepting his lowar bids 4 there sooveneer items Yay!
Deb is spozed 2 do tha tweeter butt its Satruday so I wuldnt expector8 munch LOL

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