Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Metid8ing with tha Buddha yo!

 OMG LOVERS I like TRYED 2 post theze pix on our tumblr, but tha like AMINATION wuldnt work yo! OMG thats basicl y tha rezun we started this new pix blog-- cuz tumblr is not workering rite any more yo! Lotsa times if u try 2 post ur tumblr pix 2 Failbook, it like wont evan giv u a pic prevu & stuff or watevar OMG! 

Anyhow theze R pix of me & Deb metid8ing with tha like Buddha yo!
tha top pic is amin8ed, tha mid pic is 3D if u hav thoze red-blue glasses, & tha like THIRD pic is like 3D if u cross ur I's till tha images ovarlap yo!
OMG join us on our tweeter 2day 4 spookery fun cuz its like HAUNTED HUMPDAY Yay!


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